Back in February of 2003, Dr. Jack wrote a stirring editorial which was submitted to various news outlets concerning the plight of Ted Williams' remains. Several of the sites where it can be read are the official Save Ted site,, and We encourage you to visit any of these sites for more information on this important issue.


"Ted Williams- A Splendid Life,"
authors Bill Nowlin, Jim Prime, and Roland Lazenby
(A commemorative collector's edition)
Published 2002
Triumph Books, Chicago
ISBN# 1-57243-531-3

Boston Globe file photo

Theodore Samuel "Ted" Williams
In 2002, the world of baseball began mourning the loss of one of the greatest stars the game has ever known. Theodore "Ted" Samuel Williams, died on July 5, 2002, at the age of 83. For those of us who are of a certain age, an era has come to a close. It was a time when baseball seemed as important as life itself, where the smell of a new baseball in an old leather glove was as intoxicating as springtime itself. And watching Ted stride to the plate on the old black and white TV (or at Fenway Park if you were lucky enough) caused anticipation and excitement every time.

The Kid. Teddy Ballgame. The Splendid Splinter.
Rest in peace.

Two days after Williams' death, the Boston Sunday Globe published an article by Gordon Edes calling attention to "Project Samuel" by Jack Polidoro and the strange similarity to the DNA controversy surrounding the possible cloning of Williams' remains. Read it here.