Author and songwriter Jack Polidoro compares the two crafts:

"I think novels are just an extension of song," he said, adding that he found writing a book to be quite easy. "There’s characters in a novel or a movie or a play or in written word. It’s the same principle — there’s story to tell whether it’s writing songs or writing novels."

"Folk ballads are like little stories," he said. "The song paints a picture and the novel paints a picture."

(This is an excerpt from an article written by Krista Marrs for Citizen Online in Laconia, NH.)


Pheromone, a “new Millennium," genetically-derived fragrance for women, is about to be “introduced” in a trendy new Boston-based glamour magazine called Sniff. Then, tragedy occurs when a young, New York-based advertising consultant to the fragrance industry dies unexpectedly before the first issue of Sniff hits the stands. Jack Danton, a noted Ph.D. biologist in his own right, and PR consultant, takes on the task to resolve the mystery. The unscrupulous behavior of a New York City coroner’s office adds to the complexity of this timely and riveting scenario.

Jack Danton is a central character in Rapid Descent and Project Samuel, two other novels by Polidoro.

Sniff is 269 pages.

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A Toxicological Thriller,
December 22, 2004
Steven Gilbert Ph.D., Toxicologist (Seattle, WA)  
The Good Dr. Jack has written another page-turner featuring the resourceful Jack Danton unraveling a toxicological thriller. You will never open another perfumed magazine again without a slight note of panic and raised heart rate. "Sniff" ensnares you in a realistic plot built upon scientific details that leaves you all the smarter. We live in a world of pervasive scientific information, which leaves open the question of how this knowledge can be used for good or bad. "Sniff" explores how one person, with a scientific background, uses these insights to harm others. But, the story goes deeper than that to explore the motives and how corporate management exploited his knowledge, which ultimately pushed him in a direction no one predicted. I highly recommend this engaging book.

December 12, 2005
Dr. Doug Hanson, Toxicologist
Nashua, New Hampshire, as seen in the Concord Monitor)
It’s Christmas, time to buy your wife the “latest” perfume on the market. You pick up the latest perfume scented magazine to see what’s new.  But wait, you might get more than you bargained for.  Sometime ‘what you see is what you get’- plus a little more.  “Sniff” weaves a tale of suspense and mystery, of scientific fact and technology and of good and evil.  It depicts in a good and believable plot how new scientific information can be misdirected for bad purposes.  It takes you into the Corporate Board Rooms and explores how Corporations can exploit new technology. A study in how an individual with a good scientific background can be corrupted and turn that information into a toxicological nightmare.  This is a great mystery, thriller with an unexpected ending.  I highly recommend it for your reading enjoyment.
Dr. Doug Hanson, Freelance Writer (Nashua, NH)