I wonder if Lightfoot felt this way, when the mood sent his hand across the page.

What stimulus did he need to push the pen and lay down the lyrics I defend...

Thank God for music, guitar and 5-string for that's where I belong.

Broken strings are the only excuses for never playing on.

Excerpt from the poem "Lay the Lyrics Down," copyright 1984, J.P. Polidoro.

Since 1984, Dr. Jack has published and produced six record albums containing 65 original compositions. To order any of the recordings, click here.

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Dr. Jack's complete discography:
1. Stumblin' Over Me
2. Light in New York Harbor
3. Time Heals (Tempus Hele)
4. Snowflakes (A Christmas Song)
5. Candice
6. Someone's Callin' My Name
7. Departing SFO
8. Unsigned Heroes
9. Sometimes Hearts Have to Wait
10. Goodbye Sarajevo
11. Hey Children
12. Frozen in Time
13. Save the Mountain
14. Shattered Dreams (full production)
15. I Was in Love
1. I Wait for You
2. Shadows of the Night
3. Takin' the Easy Way Out
4. Stronger Than Fear
5. Sometimes Love
6. Camisole
7. Love Is What I Had
8. South Carolina Lady
9. Lady, Green-eyed Lady
10. Sensitive Man
11. Virtues
12. Hail, Hail Prince William Sound
1. Shattered Dreams
(acoustic guitar/vocals only)
2. A Lovely Light
3. I Was in Love
4. Once, Twice a Fool
5. Desert Sand
6. You Set Me Up To Fail
7. Second Wind/Wayward Son
8. Granite, Moss & Lichen
1. Jelly Side Down
2. Another Night of Waitin' for That Flight
3. Through Barbara's Eyes
4. Simple Song In "C"
5. In My Solitude
6. Passage of Time
7. (Fadin' With The) Full Moon
8. Lady Depot
9. Read Between the Lines
10. Turquoise and Silver
11. If I Had My Way
1. And the Child Cares
2. And Mother Was a Beauty
3. Cast Yourself Amongst the Ruins
4. Looking Back Again
5. Wichita is Callin'
6. Reflections
7. Thalo Blue and Thalo Green
8. The Whittler
9. Bittersweet
10. Cornerstone
1. Highway Comes a Callin'
2. I'll Be Kinder
3. Longtail
4. Harbor Lights
5. Brookline Station
6. Take It Off
7. Road Signs
8. Winn Mountain
9. Goodbye Blue Eyes
10. Oh, New Hampshire