Deep in the Sumner Tunnel, a mass of stranded vehicles occupied both lanes of traffic going west. Passengers who had remained in their cars felt the jolt when the boat hit bottom above them, but they had no idea what had happened. The impact was enough to jar fluorescent bulbs free of their sockets and damage electrical lines and lighting fixtures.

"Rapid Descent"


In Jack Polidoro's Rapid Descent: Disaster in Boston Harbor, Jack Danton, a medical R&D Sales and Marketing Director, had just landed at Logan International Airport. His only desire after a business trip to Chicago was to get home that evening to Fawn DiNardi, his fiancee in Cambridge, MA. It would be a long time before he could facilitate the short journey home. That evening would change his life and that of everyone he met that evening, forever.

A routine, but ill-fated commuter flight from Boston to New Hampshire initiates a scenario of events that potentially paralyze Boston, Boston Harbor, and Logan Airport. The aborted and fatal commuter flight affects the lives of multiple characters on the commuter, on a party cruise boat in Boston Harbor, as well as routine commuter travelers in Boston's Sumner Tunnel. Intertwined by fate and tragedy, a love tryst between a pilot's wife and an airport worker initiate a chain of events that will affect the lives of partygoers on a Harbor cruise ship, rescuers, toll takers, and the overall emergency service personnel of Boston.

Strangers become lovers and lovers become strangers in a riveting tale of suspense and intrigue that takes place at Logan Airport, Boston Harbor, and Manchester, NH. Who has the sophisticated knowledge of aircraft to mislead the investigation and investigators into resolving the puzzle of the ill-fated flight? What if this really happened? Would Boston be ready?

Who, in Boston, hasn't wondered how an ill-fated plane's emergency landing in Boston Harbor would be handled by local authorities? Would they really be ready to handle an event in the most congested area of Boston at rush hour? In this Longtail Publishing spine-tingler, J.P. Polidoro combines his love of medical science, aircraft, and intriguing personal relationships in a story that as fiction, is a plausible, feared, and realistic scenario!

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"At one time or another, we've all wondered how we would respond to a crisis in the air. Pollidoro has put us on the plane, fastened us in, and made us confront our worst fears. Riveting and alarming!
Tom Coughlin, author of Maggie May's Diary
"A gripping, white knuckle ride! Polidoro has written a real page turner, from takeoff on page one, to the surprise finish!
Donald H. Wolfe, author of The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe
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