Stranger than Fiction:

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"In conceiving and creating "Project Samuel," Polidoro nurtured a promising
idea... The potential remains for it to be picked up by a mega-publisher who envisions readers hungry for stories of baseball, business, cloning and human folly."
Rebecca Rule
Book Reviewer, Concord NH Monitor/ & Nashua Telegraph

The San Diego scientists were returning home from the controversial cloning conference in Washington. ....On the plane flight across the country, they wondered if they would beat the Scottish team in achieving the "first cloned human..." Who would their capital venturist, millionaire investor E. Royston MacDonald, wish them to clone? ...They knew that MacDonald loved the Boston Red Sox.. and the older vintage ballplayers. ...In an instant,...they surmised whom Royston would pick to clone! ...If successful, the whole world would be in shock, and the forthcoming 2001 centennial Nobel Prize and fame would be theirs! ...All theirs!

The novel, Project Samuel

This is the book that "predicted" the cloning of baseball great Ted Williams and has been featured on radio/TV broadcasts and in newspaper articles all across the country.

Project Samuel newspaper features include:

The Arizona Republic July 18 page E2
N.Y.Post July 14 page 7

Ft. Myers Press July 10- Sam Cook editorial
Laconia Daily Sun July 11 page 8
Concord Monitor (NH) July 9 page A1 (went AP newswire**)
Manchester Union Leader July 10 page A1
Boston Sunday Globe July 7 -Gordon Edes editorial**
Herald Tribune (FL) July 28- James Abraham editorial
N.H. Writers Project- book review- R. DePaolo (posted May 1)
** significant exposure nationally



In Project Samuel by Jack Polidoro, E. Royston MacDonald, a Texas millionaire oilman, invests heavily in biotechnology companies and medical research. MacDonald's plan is to rock the scientific world by cloning the first human being. His quest is to win the Centennial Nobel Prize for Medicine. Jack Danton, a biotech salesman, and an elderly Italian barber, Joe Rizzo of Boston, become pawns in this tale of relationships, love, and the scientific quest for the ultimate Nobel Prize of the millennium. Project Samuel is that quest!

San Diego and Boston are the settings of this thrilling, devious plot to clone a famous Boston Red Sox ballplayer, without his knowledge, and while he is still living.

The desire for the Nobel award takes on a life of its own and involves common Boston residents and the San Diego biotech community. There is a secret exploitation of someone's DNA without their permission, as well as a non-sanctioned and unethical surrogate pregnancy, which involves a woman in need of money.

The scientifically timely and devious plot incorporates Polidoro's knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, baseball and sports memorabilia, as well as the ethics of creating life in a laboratory. In the end, justice seeks to prevail.

Polidoro combines accurate historical fact with a scenario of fiction. The potential implications of this research are plausible, and the story leaves the reader with the feeling of: "what if someone is doing this, right now." The biomedical community will be shocked and awakened in this thriller from Longtail Publishing.

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"Jack Polidoro has skillfully woven his interest in baseball and his professional knowledge of biology into the fabric of an intriguing story of medical deceipt by unscrupulous persons eager to satisfy their greed. A frightening scenario that could actually happen at any time."
Donald L. Black, Ph.D., Professor, University of Massachusetts, Veterinary and Animal Sciences
"Polidoro's biomedical expertise renders Project Samuel a disturbingly plausible scenario. We can only hope his imagination doesn't prove to be foresight: the implications are frightening!"
Peter J. Marchand, Ph.D., author of Life in the Cold and Autumn.
"From the beginning, an unstoppable page turner, filled with intrigue. deceit, and intense excitement. Polidoro captures the moment in 'contemporary biology' and ethics -- a plausible and frightening fictional scenario, but one that is historically factual."
Peter Mars, author of The Tunnel, A Taste for Money, and The Key.
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