Author and songwriter Jack Polidoro compares the two crafts:

"I think novels are just an extension of song," he said, adding that he found writing a book to be quite easy. "There’s characters in a novel or a movie or a play or in written word. It’s the same principle — there’s story to tell whether it’s writing songs or writing novels."

"Folk ballads are like little stories," he said. "The song paints a picture and the novel paints a picture."




(Autographed copies available for $6.95 from Longtail Publishing. Copies also available from New Hampshire bookstores.)

J. P. Polidoro, Ph.D., a Lakes Region New Hampshire author, and Longtail Publishing of Laconia have recently published a 20-page essay/ booklet on the 50th anniversary of the Grace Metalious novel, Peyton Place. The famed New Hampshire author and mother was a resident of Gilmanton and frequented Laconia and the Lakes Region in general. The essay, titled Six Feet From Grace, highlights Metalious’ contributions to women’s literature, the impact of her writing on fiction, and her influence on present day women authors and feminism.

The estimated 7,000-word essay was inspired by one of the many Polidoro family’s visits to Grace’s grave in late December 2005. The essay calls on the public to celebrate the legacy of one of America’s most famous woman authors, a diamond in the rough of American literature.

Polidoro has studied Metalious’ life for over six years and his essay includes, in part, interviews with area locals who knew Grace personally. To this day, she is revered or chastised. It also encourages the formal display of her published works and autographed memorabilia at the Laconia Library and the suggestion that the now silent Colonial Theatre be refurbished in her honor. The movie, Return to Peyton Place, based on her second novel, “premiered” at the Colonial in April 1961. Philanthropy or the Main Street program could achieve that feat. The Polidoro essay is meant to embellish the anticipated Metalious memorabilia exhibit at the Gale Memorial Library and a forthcoming 20th Century Fox movie, Grace, that will star actress Sandra Bullock with film production in 2006. The movie is based on Dr. Emily Toth’s definitive biography of Metalious’s life, titled Inside Peyton Place.
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Anecdotal and occasionally humorous, the Polidoro essay on Metalious reflects more seriously on her troubled life, her successes and failures and her quest for fame and fortune – a fame that resulted in her young demise from alcoholism in 1964 at the age of 39. The published essay booklet is available at local bookstores and from Longtail Publishing. The essay may also appear, in excerpt form or through serialization, in the prominent New Hampshire Magazine or newspapers this year.

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