Jack has known Gordon Lightfoot for well over 30 years. He met Gord at the Garden States Arts Performance Center in NJ in the early 1970s where Pee Wee Charles(pedal steel player) introduced them after a show. Jack and Gord get together twice a year now.

Gord inspired Jack's song writing style and his love of the 12- string. Gord has shown interest in one or two of Jack's tunes including "Sometimes Hearts Have to Wait." (You can sample it on the discography page of this site).

According to Dr. Jack, "The Man" deserves a lifetime achievement award from the Grammy Committee (NARAS).

Gord and Dr. Jack share some grins back at the hotel after a concert at the magnificent Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA.
Dr. Jack does his best to get a smile out of Terry Clements, the great lead guitar player for Gordon Lightfoot.
Lightfoot percussionist Barry Keane uses Dr. Jack's shoulder for support after a particularly difficult gig.
Dr. Jack and Brenda -- along with friends (left to right) Kevin McNatt, Lynn Holt, and Mac & Rae Ann McLanahan -- hang out in an alley next to Toronto's famed Massey Hall looking for ticket money for Gord's show in May, 2001. Mac is Dr. Jack's Web Wizard responsible for this site.
Massey Hall in Toronto is the site of Lightfoot's much-anticipated "homecoming" concert each year. Dr. Jack reflects on the upcoming show in May, 2001.
From Dr. Jack's Lightfoot Collection, here is an authentic Guest Pass for the 1988-1989 touring season.
Barry Keane provides service with a smile after a Lightfoot concert in Burlington, VT.
Dr. Jack with the man himself after a show in "Somewhere USA." In this case, "Somewhere" is probably Portsmouth, NH.
Keyboardist Mike Heffernan and Dr. Jack hang out after a show at Club Casino in Hampton Beach, NH.
Same show, as you can tell by Jack's creative way to store his sunglasses. Here, Jack spends some time with Lightfoot's longtime business manager, Barry Harvey.