Author and songwriter Jack Polidoro compares the two crafts:

"I think novels are just an extension of song," he said, adding that he found writing a book to be quite easy. "There’s characters in a novel or a movie or a play or in written word. It’s the same principle — there’s story to tell whether it’s writing songs or writing novels."

"Folk ballads are like little stories," he said. "The song paints a picture and the novel paints a picture."

(This is an excerpt from an article written by Krista Marrs for Citizen Online in Laconia, NH. Click here to see a full copy of the article.)


Dr. Jack compresses his “observations of a lifetime” into an intriguing and entertaining collection of trivia, quotations, facts, folk remedies, and humorous anecdotes which he has recorded over the past nearly 25 years. The original manuscript was initiated as an effort to supplement his children’s education. Over 400 pages later, with ten or more observations per page, he decided to share his compulsive observations and notes in published form.

Lavatory 101 is truly “the ultimate bathroom book of knowledge” and Polidoro’s first “non-fiction” publication. It is a true “page-turner” and the perfect gift for anyone.

Lavatory 101 is 404 pages.

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Book 26170

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"Lavatory 101" is available now.
Dr. Steven Gilbert (Seattle, WA USA) - 
Lavatory 101 - A Bathroom Book of Knowledge by Dr. Jack is just good plain fun. Pop it open, read a few lines and it will put a smile on your face. But, the added bonus is that some of the facts are very interesting. I actually keep the book on my desk near my computer. When I get a little tired of e-mail and need a smile I check into Lav 101. For example, did you know that in "1893, the Duryea car was the first marketable automobile in America" or that "one out of seven women are left-handed?" The big question of course is how and why did Dr. Jack pull all of these facts together. This is the greatest gift for some you never know what to get. I gave one to my brother and he liked it, and he never likes anything I give him.