The Kingston Trio played the most important role in influencing Jack to play acoustic music. After listening to the Trio's music -- and hearing encouragement from his brother, Tony -- Jack took up folk music and the 5-string banjo. He was a member of two folk groups in the 1960s including The Oxford Gentlemen at C.W. Post College (Long Island, NY).

Jack met Bob Shane and Roger Gambell in Vail in the 1970s and jammed with them all night after a show... almost missing a Denver flight home. Jack met George Grove and Nick Reynolds later, and has been friends with George for a number of years. George, who
has recorded solo albums as well, likes Jack's tune,
"Stronger than Fear," which you can hear on the discography page.

Six months before his passing of cancer, Dave Guard and Jack met in Nashua,NH, after a solo show Guard was doing at the Center for the Arts. The Kingston Trio 's influence on Jack is immeasureable. They are why he plays guitar, banjo, and writes music!

Dr. Jack meets up with Tom Guard, Dave Guard's son, on January 1, 2010, at friend Mac McLanahan's infamous New Year's Day Pickin' and Eatin' Party in North Attleborough, MA.
Anaheim, CA, 1995: Dr. Jack belts out "Charlie on the MTA" with The Kingston Trio... George Grove on banjo, Bob Shane on guitar, and Nick Reynolds on tenor guitar.
The Trio keeps on doing what they do so well... this time in Hartford, CT, in 1998.
Here's a classic photo of the Trio taken in 1961 by Dr. Jack's Webmaster, Mac McLanahan. Mac was a student at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT where the shot was taken. Jack was particularly interested in this photo because Dave Guard is playing guitar instead of banjo and Nick is wearing those stylish white socks.
During the Trio's 1998 show in Hartford, CT, Nick Reynolds takes a break before heading out to dazzle the crowd again.
Bob Shane takes a breather backstage during the 1998 show in Hartford, CT. On the right is Ben Schubert, talented bass, electric, and tenor guitar player.
Dr. Jack carefully follows George's chord changes during a banjo break on "Charlie on the MTA" back in 1996.
Dr. Jack presents a copy of "Sensitive Man" to George Grove in May, 1993, at the Holiday Inn in Manchester, NH.
Dr. Jack is all smiles with Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds at the Holiday Inn, Manchester, NH, in 1993.