Dr. Jack's book signings and latest news:

J P Polidoro will appear at Local Mystery and Mayhem Event, 11AM Oct 5th at Bayswater Books in Center Harbor, NH.

Saturday, 9/21, Dr. Jack will appear at New Durham, NH, Public Library to talk about writing and publishing of novels. Starts at 1 pm.


"Brain Freeze" has stirred up some spirited discussions on the Internet and in national media. Once again, Dr. Jack has touched on a complex issue that is causing people to think about how they really feel on issues of life and death and the finality of one's remains. For more on "Brain Freeze -321º F -- Saving Reggie Sanford,"
click here.

Jack Polidoro, Ph.D. ("The Good Dr. Jack") is a New Hampshire author, songwriter, singer, and performer of contemporary folk/easy listening popular music. Dr. Jack accompanies himself on 6 and 12-string guitars and has been performing in the New England area for about 30 years.


He has published and produced six record albums on his own, each of which contains his own compositions. He has recorded a total of 65 songs to date. He has also written and published ten books with more on the way.

Dr. Jack evolved from the folk scene of the 60's and played 5-string banjo in two college folk groups. In the ensuing years, he has written some 100 songs in a style analagous to that of Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, and James Taylor.

His formal education is extensive. His Ph.D., however, is in the veterinary and animal sciences (University of Massachusetts) and is totally unrelated to his musical avocation - hence the name "Dr. Jack."

Photo credits: Alan MacRae

"Sometimes hearts have to wait.. sometimes time will take its time...sometimes old loves return in time..."
from the song, Sometimes Hearts Have to Wait and album, Unsigned Heroes

"...and every time I grab the golden ring, my life falls Jelly Side Down..."
from the album/ song, Jelly Side Down

"Waitin' in line at Brookline Station, waitin' in line for a ticket to ride. ..the train doesn't come by Brookline Station, ...the 'rails' were the only thing that didn't survive..."
from the song/ album, Brookline Station (JPP's favorite song!)

"I saw a man who was longing for shelter, now he is a man who is stronger than fear, ...and I saw a man in the bowels of some cellar..while people walk by, as if he weren't there.."
from the song, Stronger than Fear and album, Sensitive Man