NOW AVAILABLE! The Good Dr. Jack's brand-new music CD "Death of the Moon" is complete and ready to ship to you. For details on price, orders, shipping, mailing, etc., contact Jack at "Death of the Moon" is Jack's best effort yet and was beautifully recorded at Rockinghorse Studios in Pittsfield, NH.

Included in the album is his "Hey Boston!" which he hopes in some small measure will help the ongoing healing process as New England, and the nation, look ahead to the next Boston Marathon and a chance to "finish the race." Jack is happy to share this song with anyone who would like to hear it. Any comments or feedback would be happily received at Also, check out this great review in Liberty Media!


One of Dr. Jack's newest songs"Goin' Off to War: A Father's Lament" has been beautifully recorded and now been made into a stirring video for all to
see. View it right here on YouTube and be sure to make a comment!
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